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  1. If you close a thread leave it closed

    Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    Why even respond to the thread that you as mods closed? You obviously did not want anymore bitching about it so you closed it. So why hours later do you make another post in a thread people cannot respond to? Who is keeping it going? VD is gone and thread is closed so your the one keeping it...
  2. Roadracing season close !

    West Coast Region
    Anybody planning on going to Laguna Seca this year? Me and Tiller13 are going. We're riding from Monrovia,Ca. Off the 210 and the 605. Anybody rolling up to the races in July ? Or maybe Fontana ? :)
  3. Yep!!!!that was close

    Open Forum
    so i went ridin with a couple guys yesterday and my dad came with on his harley (roadking)... anyhoo, come up to a light and it turns yellow and i see a cop sittin at the light so i jammed on the brakes, so i stop pretty quickly and i guess my dad thought i was gonna go through it. well there...
  4. 97 tl1000s any body close to columbus oh give me tips please!!!

    East Coast Region
    hey boys !!! i live in Columbus Ohio and own a 97 tls 18XXX miles. pretty stock except k&n and yoshy slipons ... i love my baby but i am foaling behind on at ...some screws are missing and looks like needs some attention,but i don't know what i am doing...(i crashed lite ones and got stolen on...
  5. Very close times in sepang

    Open Forum
    Looks like the control tire rule has bunched up the field. lots of diferent riders and manufactures all very close. Looks like edwards is in fine form. Sepang - Day 3 1 Casey STONER 2:01.043 2 Valentino ROSSI 2:01.137 3 Loris CAPIROSSI 2:01.262 4 Colin EDWARDS 2:01.413 5...
  6. So close thank god she woke up.

    Open Forum
    Public holiday here downunder today and on the way home from a ride with a few mates i came up behind a 4wd towing a boat,couldnt see over the brow of the hill we were about to descend so waited until over it and on to the very long two lane bridge that i knew was coming,all good and set about...
  7. TLR - What spray paints come close to the original?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hello again zoners! I have bought some raggedy fairing to use as track day fairing, and i want to spray it to look like the original fairing (all be it a bit rough). I have a 1999 bike (attached pic) and am looking to match the 3 different blues as close as possible. does anyone know of any...
  8. anyone live in ohio? or somewhere close

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hey guys i'v found something on ebay in the states that i need but the seller won't ship to uk:banghead would someone on the zone be willing to help me out:devious?? thanks in advance:thumbup
  9. Any TL1000 Riders Close to Bamberg,Ge????

    Continental European Forum
    I am moving want to know how the riding is in the area.
  10. About as close as it gets

    The Video Store