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    The whole imeadiate family got together in south FL for Christmas - even my little sis was able to make it (from CA). We did some MX - haven't ridden MX with my sister in nearly 10 years but she picked it up again quickly. Me on my mom's 80 Little sis me on dad's 250 pics by...
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    Motor Works Model Engine First saw one on American Chopper when Paul Senior and Junior gave Mickey one to improve his knowledge :laugh Only they stripped the gears as they didn't debur and dry build it to make sure everything rotated cleanly :devious I bought it from the US and got the wife...
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    Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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    ok first you have to guess what image one is. Then what relationship it has with image two. no extra points will be awarded for guessing image 2. (tho I will be impressed if you can guess the specs!) hints may be added along the way. **Itsmesteve is not allowed to participate!!!(he...
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    I have never seen a White Christmas in my town. I would love to have one with about six inches or more of snow on the twenty fifth of December. I think I have witness a frosty Christmas before but I can't count that as a white Christmas. So on December 25, or before if you already have snow...
  7. Open Forum Actually, I don't have much of a use for it as I don't have an IPOD. It was still nice to win something. I'd much rather wish I had won the Samsung blue Ray disc player or the flip camera video recorder. The company I...
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    Ok. My wife says she wants a victorias secret gift card which is good for me but I want to get her something else too. Can we start a list of ideas for all of us on her? If all of us share ideas maybe we can come up with some good gifts.
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    Wife asked me to get the tree up along with the tree lights this weekend. Kayla's room needs to be finished when they get back. Weekend to myself. I wish we had a strip club :lol, Good thing we don't, though :laugh The hardest part about this is the toting the case upstairs. Such a...
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    Every year I decide to add more variety to the old Christmas Tree. This year, I decided to go with an airplane and motorcycle design. I picked up some metal scale models from the toy section and started putting them up. The bright sportbike colors actually look really good. Click for biggins!
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    ok guys there are ever diminishing numbers of shoplifting days left till christmas. nows the time to think about getting together and making burnt meat offerings to the bike gods and sinking a few ales together. Any suggestions as to a time and a place.