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    help For a choice ________________________________________ Bonjour a tous, je t'écris pour te demander ton aide ,je suis français et j'ai une TL1000R avec une ligne complète YOSHIMURA USA RS3 CARBON mais je voudrais changer les cartouches par des nouvelles (R77 ou bien des TRC-D ou autre )...
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    Guys, it's been a great time. I've learned a ton of things on here. I'll still be around as well, but it's time to part the Tillis out. Since the wreck, I've decided it's going to be too much money to fix my bike. I still owe money on it as well. The good news, I've had my car for 4 years now...
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    Whats your prefered and why? im running on avon's at the moment, there ok, but will beed new rubber for summer. Any advice from the experianced TLs owners will be appreciated.
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    Hey there all, I just got back from a ride today. I went over the Beartooth Highway and then over the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway then back home to Billings, MT. The first pass is in the southern part of Montana and the other in Wyoming. It was a great ride and of course beautiful scenery...