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  1. chassis number

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    what is the crack with vin number,mine has 16 dig and the log matchs, but took for mot and had a right problem with the moter..its a import and never had this problem the last 4 yrs.. he reckons 17 dig is what it should be but after getting home started to think the imported ones where differant..
  2. TLR Track rolling chassis = $800

    Looking to Sell
    $800 This is a project bike that will need lots of work and a few extra parts to complete. It comes with what you see in the pictures plus a couple boxes of parts. Please be considerate and do not expect a full, running, AMA winning bike for $800 and no, I will not sell it for less right now...
  3. rolling chassis today

    Bike Pictures
    12 hours workn on the bike today. DRAMA!!!!! Driving around for 3 hours looking for a valve stem to go through these big ass wheels:laugh. Thanks to a truck stop and valve stem extentions from Pep boys i made it happen. paint is done. Surprise.... Alsa Fern green with blue ice pearl. No time for...