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    Hi folks, GERM CELL CANCER; My Father in Law was diagnosed on Christmas Eve with terminal lung cancer. This was after being told that he had Lymphatic Cancer that was treatable and most likely curable. Then as I said he was told it wasn't Lymphatic and was in fact terminal lung cancer that...
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    The best thing I have ever seen!! A german clip, but you will get the picture:laugh
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have this used ETI fuel cell, a carbon/fiberglass/kevlar TLR gas tank. I love that it doesn't have any wleded seam and flange along its bottom edge like most Japanese tanks do. Very attractive. And I got it cheap. It had a horrible paint job and some rather deep scratches, but only into...
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    A friend of mine sent this to me today. Shocked the crap outta me as I thought it was a meatspin pic or something, but is legit.
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    in the urinal at work. Ewwwwwwww, The power on button was not working prior to this incident so you could not turn the phone off unless you pull the battery. To turn it on you had to reset it. Anyways, I will be getting a replacement Thursday. I just hooked it up to the charger after...
  6. Photography
    decided to shoot up some pictures one day last week. :O in chronological order... 6m bike ride to school stop at the gym ted the machinist and undergrad viviana placing an work order sunny and jennifer loving grad school. on the cart is a 18kW air heater used to preheat the new...
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    Anyone know which ATT phone gets the best reception and has the best sound quality? I have a Samsung a437 and it is has a lot of static and drops calls all the time. I was looking at some other ones like the SLM, 727, v365, and CU515. I can upgrade tomorrow, but I'm reluctant since I don't...