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  1. Motor Tear Down and Rebuild
    Hi there, guys! Greetings to all the international community of TL owners. I have a Cagiva Navigator, which uses exactly the same engine as Suzuki TL 1000S. Mine has 50k km on the clock, and the timing chains started to wear out, the tensioners are almost all the way out(( My question is, if...
  2. Motor Tear Down and Rebuild
    I am a big fan of cryogenicaly treating engine parts like they do in formula one. do you see a benefit to cryoing valves and valve springs or does it make them to brittle?? just wanna know before I take apart my engine and replace parts .thanks!!
  3. Aussie Forum
    well seeing as how he missed the last one. well we did call it at 6.15 on the night ................ cam's called a stones this friday .... usual spot usual time. all that shit about being there or being some sort of regular sided object:doh
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Does anybody run kent cams?:)
  5. Looking to Sell
    I have been sitting on these cams for a long time and I have decided to put them up for sell, the cams are in awesome shape and they have adjustable sprockets all ready on them the cams were taken out of an engine I purchased several years ago asking $600.00 or Best offer thanks
  6. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Does anyone know if the Hot Cams shim kit is compatable with any other bikes such as a 2000 Yamaha R1 or would the kit be specific to the TLR? I have a shim kit for the TLR and if it cannot be used for other bikes I would be looking at selling it. Thanks!
  7. Looking to Sell
    TRL cams (intake and exhaust) for rear cyl $25 each plus shipping.
  8. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    i just bought a set of tlr heads complet with cams and valuves and also have the jugs too. i plan to put them on my tls crank with a +2mm bore and 13.5 c/r pistons. i want to know if anyone knows of any problems with doing this and weather the TLR cam timming is the same as the TLS.
  9. Performance Enhancement
    Question to the experianced TL engine builders out there. Which are better street bike camshafts and which are better race bike camshafts. The engine will be in my TLR and has the deck height set at 1.0mm with stock pistons. I also have the TLR heads decked 0.5mm to raise compression even...
  10. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I'm thinking that wen its time to do my valve clearances,If its worth installing aftermarket cams to get a couple of more ponies...:devious Questions... 1. Who makes them & are they still available? 2. What are the hp gains if any? 3. What are they worth? 4. Would this be worth doing? Any...
  11. Looking to Sell
    Set of 4 web cam weld-up/regrind cams with the welded-on centers for adjustable gears. Very good condition. Adjustable gears not included, so you get to buy and use new gears. No decompressors. Will sell for 1/3 list price.
  12. Motor Tear Down and Rebuild
    couldn't afford JE Hi-comp pistons, so a Wiseco set is on the way for 350$. Would a set of Webb performance cams be an ideal bang for the buck? My ebay seller stop carrying the Webb cams and I'm having a hard time finding a set. Can some1 post a reply with an opinion & a link to a set of...
  13. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Bought some used Web Cam cams in good condition. But they have the flanges for adjustable gears welded on, and did not come with any gears at all. Now its going to cost a lot for new gears from Web Cam??? Or did he modify stock ones??? Plus I already have the vee two cams. I'm gonna go...
1-13 of 14 Results