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  1. 6 pot Gold Tokico Calipers from zx9r same as busa

    Looking to Sell
    Looking to sell these gold six pots as I'm changing the front end to radial. These aren't crap like the standard black 6 pots, they have four 26.9mm large pistons and two 23.9mm small alloy pistons with a non stick coating. They aren't prone to seizing up like the originals. Serviced and...
  2. Bling Bling Calipers - Ebay

    eBay Auctions Forum
    :bling don't know the seller but you can't grumble at those :laugh
  3. Gold tokico six-pot calipers TLS/TLR

    Looking to Sell
    Gold tokico six-pot calipers TLS/TLR $75 Shipped in the continental US, I will ship outside the US but buyer pays actual shipping cost. PayPal is preferred. Add 4% for PayPal fees if it apply's. Good condition, I can take more pictures at your request.
  4. brake calipers

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    i am thiking of painting my fron and back brake calipers, do i need to powder coat them or is good spray paint gonna work? how much does powder coating cost on small thing like that?
  5. R1/R6 calipers

    Looking to Sell
    These were on my gsxr forks, they are in excellent working condition, come with 2 sets of pads. One set better than 75% and the other a bit more than 50% Looking for $75au. + postage costs , will post o/s but may be a killer!
  6. Can 'R 6-pot Calipers bolt to 'S forks? Recommondations?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Just got a MINT Red '97 S (10,450 mi) and rode it home for the 1st time - just sold my R ~6mo ago and first thing I realized was pressure needed to stop bike noticeably more than the S. Both bikes were stock, no SS braided lines - but S fluid could probably be changed. Seen R calipers on S's...
  7. Gold busa calipers on egay Aus

    eBay Auctions Forum Incase anyone after a set :O
  8. Are six pot calipers worth fitting?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi everybody, I've had my TLS about a month now and I'm chuffed to bits with it but the front brakes are really not as good as any of my previous bikes. I've been looking at tokico 6 pot calipers on ebay and I reckon I can get a decent set with pads for about £100 but is this the answer? Have...
  9. Gold GSXR 04/05 750 calipers sale

    Aussie Forum
    $55 + postage Some marks but in reasonable condition otherwise. Pads 50% worn. Not suitable for 220 mm rotors!
  10. Pulsing from fitting 6 pot calipers

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Fitted 6 pot calipers Hi all Fitted some Tokico 6 pot calipers to my TLS a few weeks ago. Have only done a few hundred miles since. They have 'used' pads in. I notice that when braking, especially from a high speed I get a pulsing feeling in the brake lever and front end feels like it's...
  11. WTB - 6 Pot Calipers to Suit TL1000S

    Want to Buy
    I am after a set of 6 Pot Calipers to suit a TL1000S. I already have the master cylinder (Busa). I am in Australia and would pay freight/postage for the right deal. Thanks
  12. 03/4 tokico radial calipers

    Looking to Sell
    03/4 gsxr radial calipers, sbs hh pads ( bout 1500kms ), stainless banjo bolts, bolts, spacers for 320mm or 310mm disks. aus $120+ shipping
  13. R1 Calipers on gsxr forks

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    R1 or GSXR radial ,which ones are better ??? I like the bling factor of R1 radial calipers but intereted to know if there are any other advantages/disadvantages over GSXR calipers which i am currently useing ??? thanks
  14. r1 calipers

    Looking to Sell
    05 r1 calipers with oem pads ( bout 2,000kms ) includes 5mm spacers ( black anodised ) for 320mm disks i had these on my forks with 03/4 gsxr radial bottoms. not sure what other yrs will fit ( check sam's fork chart ) au$120 + shipping
  15. Tokico 6-pot calipers

    Looking to Sell
    $70 takes this pair of gold Tokico 6-pot calipers off my 2003 TLR. Excellent working condition when removed from the bike. There are scuffs to the inside of the right caliper from hitting the rotors when the mounting bolts let go (I forgot to torque them). No damage is visible from the side...
  16. Tokico 6 pot calipers and HH pads (UK)

    Looking to Sell
    Due to my upgrades, these are redundant. Came from a 2003 TLR with 9000 miles. No scrapes, just covered in brake dust! £75 including post to UK, PM for Europe (US/CA & Australasia, shipping has because too expensive now and I'm sure there are lots about anyway) If they don't go, they'll be on...
  17. TLS front calipers, hoses, and M/C

    Looking to Sell
    For sale is a complete front brake system from a TLS. Includes x2 2 pot pistons with pads, hoses, master cylinder and reservoir. $65 plus shipping
  18. R1 calipers on the TL , pissible?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Someone did it? Any pictures maybe? Thanks, Adrian.:)
  19. 6 pot calipers

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have a set of brand new tokico six pot calipers that have sat in my garage for ages. Will i be blown away by the difference in stopping power if i fit them to my tls? A zx6r i owned years ago had some on and i actually remember them feeling a bit wooden.....
  20. master cylinder for 6 pot calipers

    Want to Buy
    hi everyone does anybody have a spare master cylinder for sale which works with the 6 pot calipers conversion of a hayabusa for my tls cheers