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  1. Bike Pictures
    Start off by taking the family vehicle shopping for the weekend Dam i hate the bachalor life:laugh Go to the beach then get pulled over by the cops Then Sunday roll the TL with your buddys for a few beers at Newport Beach
  2. West Coast Region
    Hey guys.. I am in Jersey and obviously I cant just fly out to take a look at a potential purchase.. The bike is located at a dealership in ONTARIO Cali. I already have a shipping quote. and just wana second opinon.. If you are near that area you are probably familiar with where it is. If...
  3. West Coast Region
    On Sat im going to look at a 01 TL1000 with 50k on it to trade for my project truck. I know very little about bikes and would like someone with knowledge of a TL to be there with me to take a look at it. I could hook somone up with lunch or some gas money for the help. Thanks in advance!
  4. Help Forum
    I hope this works. I was wondering if any of you have the ECU reflashed and what are the settings. I ask because I am trying to figure out if I am too rich at idle or not. The bike will idle when cold but when warm it does not want to run. My settings are 5, 5, 11. I have RS3 bolt ons...
  5. The Video Store
    sick vid from the az crew
1-5 of 5 Results