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  1. Busted the Busa......

    Aussie Forum
    Haven't been on for a few weeks guys went on a weekend to Jindabyne late Nov for a busa annual club run and came home in a chopper via a week stay in Canberra hosp after a highside on a 45klm corner, pictures show a 1 metre wide gravelbed from apex to barrier which i collected - head first into...
  2. busted thread in radiator

    Help Forum
    Hi there Anybody know if busted thread in radiator can be fixed:confused The one on either side of the radiator the holds top fairing:hail Noted its busted only when I allready lost the bolt:banghead
  3. VCSV solenoid valve busted

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Does anybody know where to get this part cheap? It mounts to the bottom left rear of the air box and has 2 vacuum tubes going into it (and a wiring harness with 2 terminals). Both of the nipples on mine are broken off. Is there a way I could fix that without having to buy a new one from Ron...