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  1. updated chrissie in brissie

    Aussie Forum
    Following and executive decision by myself and Camo-au over a drink we have decided the time and place for the brisbane chapter ( that sounds formal eh!) get together. DECEMBER 12. Leaves somewhere on the northside. and makes its way to bellbird creek cafe. near kennilworth for a late lunch...
  2. Brissie boys.The Stones next friday.

    Aussie Forum
    That's Friday the 27th,not this Friday,the following one. Wouldn't want anyone turning up on the wrong night,would we? :rolleyes Girls can come too :)
  3. brissie and regions chrissie ride and drinks???

    Aussie Forum
    Well christmas is just a few shoplifting weeks away so how about some input on a ride and some form of celebration.. what works for you ideas and dates ............................:devious
  4. brissie meet at the stones this friday

    Aussie Forum
    the ring-ins back and hes hungry and thirsty and missing his mates :puke :laugh so lets link up on firday at 7.30 and swap lies 1 the ring-in 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  5. Looking for a TL1000S in Brissie

    Aussie Forum
    G'day, Stubbled across the TL forum whilst looking for info for TL's. Am looking for one at the moment in Brisbane. Thought I'd got one but seller pulled out. Anyway, what a great forum and was happy to see the Australia arm. Thanks for all the advise so far by just searching through the...
  6. Brissie Barbie satdee 6.30 on

    Aussie Forum
    Hi guys Meritt _fly_ is coming to brissie for a few days. he is camping at my place ....... so what better excuse for a BBQ. Sat 27 Jun 6.30 on I'll supply the food you bring the drinks.
  7. who's up for a squirt on tuesday? brissie

    Aussie Forum
    Ian (my mate) (yeh yeh..........) just got my (his) RSVR back from having the stator rewound and wants to do some bike video and pics on the peachester onto mapleton run. 1) ian 2)stu (ring-in) 3)?itsme 4)?red 5)?
  8. Brissie s little known genius...madman?

    Performance Enhancement
    the other day I called out to see Joe Marshall. Joe is a motrcyclist woh mods bikes from a large and over filled shed in his back yard. cleverly Joe lives in a rural industrial estate, so noise is no problem. Joe builds oversize engines , locker clutches and preselector drag gearboxes...
  9. Christmas in brissie

    Aussie Forum
    ok guys there are ever diminishing numbers of shoplifting days left till christmas. nows the time to think about getting together and making burnt meat offerings to the bike gods and sinking a few ales together. Any suggestions as to a time and a place.