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  1. replacement shock needed....options?

    Help Forum
    Right I need to replace my rear shock so what are my options? Cant really afford to buy new so was thinking of buying a used shock and damper on ebay or could I just buy the damper cos I can't really seee how the spring on a stick can fail? I see some of you guys have put r1 shocks on which...
  2. TLR Rotary Damper Top Bracket

    Want to Buy
    Any got a spare 3 bolt bracket that braces the rotary damper to the top frame cross member ? Will post a pic shortly
  3. tlr front right footpeg bracket needed

    Want to Buy
    i basicly need everything except the footpeg itself! i am also in the market for a chain if anyone has a spare layin around? used is fine but no streched out junk please
  4. TLR fairing mirror bracket stay

    Want to Buy
    i want to buy an TLR fairing mirror bracket stay in perfect conditon. NOT TWISTED i need an price shipped to Romania, please give me decent prices :D
  5. Pillion seat bracket

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Technical question! Is the bracket thing that bolts to the underside of the pillion seat (TLS) the same as the bracket on the cowl / seat hump?
  6. L shaped bracket and aftermarket thermostat/fan switch

    Looking to Sell
    Just pay shipping on either. the bracket is new in package and is the bracket for the top of either side fairing. the switch is this one...
  7. For Sale: Vanzuki rear brake caliper bracket for AP/Brembo etc

    Looking to Sell
    Selling my spare vandriver rear brake caliper bracket. This is the 65mm hole spacing one for the AP min calipers and the brembo racing calipers etc. This one is raw and could use a bit of a polish but otherwise is in good nick. I dont have the channel required to be welded to the swingarm...
  8. WTB TLS oil cooler mounting bracket

    Want to Buy
    Hello i need a TLS oil cooler bracket ...let me know your offers.
  9. upper faring bracket

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hey guys had my faring barcket posished today(its the one that holds the mirrors) and it was full of bog and was bent a little i cant seem to find the parts number for it so i can get a price on a new one? any one have the part number ? thanks
  10. Front fairing help...

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey ya'll brand spanky to the forum..bringing my 99 Tiller home next week! Cant wait :) As a former GSXR fan I fell in love with the TLR except for one thing... I dunno maybe I will just get over it but has anyone just chopped that ugly @$$ tube that goes acrss from one side of the fairing...
  11. engine bracket pinch bolts

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    hi guys, can anyone help me? ive looked through the manual, tried ron ayers website but cannot find the engine bracket pinch bolts!!! anyone have a part number or know where i can get some? need them as i sold a set of frame sliders which went through the brackets! cheers in advance as always, Dean
  12. gixxer calliper bracket adapter

    Looking to Sell
    Made this for another zoner but the transaction became all too complicated. Allows you to use the gixxer caliper and bracket on your tl requires some welding to locate it on the inside face of the swingarm. $20 au plus postage dibs and pm
  13. Ohlins rear shock - right bracket

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I am trying to install an Ohlins shock on the rear of my TLR. I am following the directions, but having an issue with the right side bracket which doesn't seem to line up by about 1/16-1/8". I can get either the top or bottom bolt in with spacer, but not the other one. I've tried lightly...
  14. license bracket

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I just started riding this year. This isn't the first time I have been out but its the first time I have been pulled over. I got a ticket for my license plate being mounted incorrectly. Which I did not know it was until about an hour ago. So now my problem is this, after looking through some...
  15. WTB: TLR headlight and bracket

    Want to Buy
    Need a good condition TLR headlight and fairing bracket that holds the headlight and speedo.
  16. mirrior stay bracket

    Want to Buy
    im looking for a moirrior stay bracket that will fit a 03 tlr ..
  17. TLS damper, bracket, headlights

    Looking to Sell
    Just starting to think about the medical bills... Brand new, never mounted TLS OEM fairing stay $40 + shipping. Toby TLS steering damper and bracket - used, showing some sun fading on the tube, so she's going cheap. $100 + shipping. Perfect, low mileage TLS headlight: $80 + shipping I have...
  18. Gsxr1100 Slabby after market caliper bracket

    Open Forum
    Check this baby out... on ebay now... wonder if Van can make anything as good as this....:laugh
  19. TLS passenger pegs/exhaust bracket

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a set of TLS passenger pegs with exhaust brackets.
  20. TLS headlight and headlight bracket

    Looking to Sell
    For sale is a TL1000S headlight and mounting bracket. Headlight = $75 plus shipping - very good condition with two very minor scuffs on the glass, no cracks Mounting bracket = $35 plus shipping - good condition, not bent. appears that the lower hole where it mounts to frame neck has an extra...