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  1. Special Boys B'day

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    :cheers:cheers:cheers Happy Birthday Gazza!! Watch out for those killer guy-ropes :devious :laugh
  2. Big boys toys!

    Bike Pictures
    A couple of pic's of my TLS track/race bike.
  3. Cadwell Park Sun 9th November, Come on Boys !!

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Me and Tony (133bhp) are booked in the Inters with No-Limits (01727 899173) Best to ring as web site is playing up As of today there is loads of spare places and only £59 !!!
  4. My boys Viper90CC Eton is pratically demolished.

    Open Forum
    We had a friend over a few weekends ago Rachael. She's eleven, and she has rode the four wheeler's before but this time the poor thing panic and crashed our 90CC Eton ATV viper into our old shed at an angle causing her to be toss over the handle bars. Thank goodness our semi adopter girl is...
  5. Video of the boys playing today

    Open Forum
    Ok my digi cam has a broken button so I had to resort to my son's digi cam a Kodak cx7300. It does short vids but it has no sound. I forgot that when recording. The gear Gods have not came to the house yet. Hunter the one of the bike was wearing knee and elbow pads and gloves. Alex would...