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  1. Small 90 Elbow hose connecting to air box.

    Help Forum
    I noticed this hose was cracked beyond use.It is the 90 degree elbow hose that connects to the air box and air control valve. But for some reason it had some sort of blocker inside it to limit the air flow. Is there a mod I can do to by-pass this hose. thankyou felow tl owners.
  2. Aussie blokes and Yosh box.

    Aussie Forum
    Just had a thought you lot(yea yea no sheep jokes eh):bangheadbring em on then......hurry up.:rantMy Yosh box is over yonder so if anyones wanting the use of it (no not interested in any "hi Mike this is my first post but") then get hold of drfunk and sort something out with him re getting it to...
  3. air box. pls read

    Performance Enhancement
    has anybody else seen this article? it appears per his dyno that he gained quite a bit of mid range, with no loss on the top end by taking off the lid. what is everyone else's take on this?