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  1. Boston to DC on the DR250SE - lots of pics

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    As most probably remember, at the start of the summer I rode my DR250SE from Cambridge MA (just outside Boston) to Alexandria VA and Washington DC for a summer internship. I got up early to pack up the bike and left Cambridge just before 7am I think. I took all backroads and headed for the...
  2. Boston Moto Track Days

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    :hail tell um beet sent ya
  3. Boston to DC - anyone along the way? + route advice??

    Open Forum
    At the end of next week I'm planning to ride one of my DR's from Boston to DC. Since this will be on a small, not terribly comfortable dual sport I figured I'd stick to backroads and try to come up with a somewhat entertaining route. Assuming I get my papers done a day early I'll have two days...
  4. oldest car collection in america - the lars anderson museum near boston

    just got back from seeing the oldest largest car collection in the US - the lars anderson auto museum. this fellow bought a new car every year from around the turn of the century till 1940. its amazing how many were electric back then. absolutely the coolest! you be your own judge
  5. travelling to boston this weekend and montreal for next week

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    ill be in boston this weekend and montreal next week. not sure my whereabouts in boston. ill be at mcgill university downtown montreal all next week. anyone want to grab a beer?