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    so coloured it in a little
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    Okay where will this go. Problems in my life, flat broke but I have a house, food, and love. Broken AC, but read above. I have a JOB pays bills, does not allow for problems. I weigh now 223.LBS down from 255LBS. I get grayer by the day it seems. I have no bike. I have no investments. I...
  3. Performance Enhancement
    Actually I was too tight to pay another £400 for vernier cam gears :laugh Took me a week of evenings but now means I can get cams to within 0.5 Crank Degrees. Milled from solid billet, the cutouts are for cams with the decomp assemblies on them. The jig is tightened with 4No M10x1.25 bolts to...
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    Let's see, keep me entertain. It's not and easy thing to accomplish.
  5. Open Forum Man I so need a million dollars so I can spend all my time playing with all the great toys in the world - and not have to work :laugh OMG as cool as this is, you'd still look like a right knob riding one :lol...