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  1. left side ram air boot

    Want to Buy
    does any one have a left side ram air boot for sale? i just need the boot thanks
  2. Shifter too short for Icon boot

    Help Forum
    Hello All, I have just purchased a 2002 TL1000R and have trouble shifting as my boot is too large to fit between the peg and the shifter lever. Do I need to buy rear sets to adjust this problem or is there a more efficient way to cure? Your input is appreciated. Thanks
  3. Tactical Boot

    Open Forum
    This question is way off the TL subject but you seem a diverse lot :devious I'm looking to get some new boots for work, i need a tactical, safety, low (6") cut boot. found These and wondered if anyone had used them? or any other suggestions :O
  4. Boot Air inlet

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a left boot inlet ram tube to air box pant no:484199001