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    :bling don't know the seller but you can't grumble at those :laugh
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    can't afford a van plate. Then why not get a ring-in machined and polished standard one Available in both 5 and 6 bolt . $60au exchange polished as per picture $100au exchange professionally polished. This one belongs to woolly. Compatable with Van's retainer kits
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    Going to the Middle East in the Morning. 4 weeks... almost done. Ice Ice Baby:laugh
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    i have a MINT set of nickle plated wheels . just aint into it .... these wheels are flawless i want MINT white wheels for my 03 lets make a deal
  6. Looking to Sell
    I'll never get around to fitting these so ... up for sale they go! Prices do not include shipping, but it'll be as cheap (if not cheaper) than shipping from the US ;) I take Paypal ... Pyramid undertail - brand new, never fitted! Uses the OE taillight. Black - US$175 OE Belly pan - brand new...
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    I’ll post close up pics when the camera recharges. All prices in Aussie dollars, postage extra. some old and new photo's $1000 - PVM rims modified to fit a TLR by Custom creations in Sydney. PVM Front (inc bearings) 2.1 kilograms = 4.62 lbs PVM Rear (inc cush &...
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    HARRIS SCREENBRACE (TLS) €70 HYPERPRO+kit (TLS) €270 RHA for TLS (ZIGGYs) €70 SKIDMARX carbon hugger (TLS,TLR) €130 NEW RAPTOR clocks €200 NEW GALFER Wavys x3 €370 NEW ASTARS SMXR boots size 41 €100 + shipping! pics: no photo on GALFERS yet,but heres a set on my old bike...
  9. Performance Enhancement
    Those who watch the forum closely would notice the good hearted manner in which the brissie boys pay out on each other............ you would also have noticed the super dry wit of ITSMESTEVE and the corresponding recipient .........myself. Given my personality I rather like any attention but...
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    Guys...bought this with my tank. I coulnt pass it up as its damn nice but I dont need it. Dont know what its worth so give me a shout with price ideas or if you are interested....Oh its for a TLR.And i thought thta I would pass this along. This same guy has a primered nose fairing(looks to be...
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    Just got my Mags back after a polish! What you think!! Will fit new bearings and tyres and then it's back on the road!
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    More Rizoma goodies The Lux Grips and Avio-21 LED turns from PJ's Parts. There were some cheapy LEDs on there when I bought the bike - these are night & day difference in intensity. Video doesn't really do the justice. Also got a set for the SV to replace the monstrous OEMs. :laugh (Click...
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    Picked up my rearsets from Bohemian Racing - these are essentially Sato patterns - but a WHOLE lot cheaper. These are literally half the price of the Rizomas on my Triumph. Excellent value. Dennis is a local racer, works out of his trailer/garage & offers these up at minimal profit to help fund...
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    The ultimate in protection for your gold beauty when a gap mod is of a high priority!!!!! No more hugger for me baby!!!!!!
  15. Bike Pictures
    Mounted some more bling on the TL. :) The excetric swingarm "gizmo" +1 from Vandriver. :) and, my new Gilles clip-on. :devious :banana Mounted them extra vide, and it's almost like riding a 600 now! :banana (Ok, maybe not a 600, but made a huge difference with the new wider clip-on and the...
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    So will make the most of what has turned up:deviousFew pics of the damper unit i bought off Sam (thanks again).Fwiw i went to start it up the other day and the battery was flat:dowhatThen it occured to me that its never been changed,10 years out of a battery is pretty good i would have thought.
1-16 of 16 Results