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  1. Free TL bits

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I was clearing out my garage over the weekend and I came across a hardly used Haynes manual and a black TL1000S bellypan that I don't need (crashed the bike years ago but still got a few bits). The bellypan has a little tiny scuff on one side from leaning over too far (that's why I took it off)...
  2. Tlr bits

    Looking to Sell
    got to clear out so here's sum bits boys forks new seals just before i brought the bike-£100 swingarm £75 clear tail light £40 carbon effect undertray £40 red undertray £25 rear shock and rotory unit-£40 all plus p+p and paypal charges
  3. Tlr bits and Tls

    Looking to Sell
    Tlr parts and Tls for sale. Hi all got sum bit that need 2 go 2 make sum more room forks:£100 swingarm:£80 rotory damper and spring:£75 ohlins steerin damper TLS with frame mountin:£140 clutch cover slight scratch on bottom:£20 tail light with clear lense:£50 undertray red:£40 undertray carbon...
  4. Please Welcome Our Latest Site Vendor Shiny Bits Performance Parts!

    Shiny Bits Performance Parts is run by our very own member, Wooly, and is our latest Official TLZone Site Vendor. :hail Shiny Bits Performance Parts currently offers carbon heel guards for both the TLS and TLR, and has a group buy underway for these parts. Be sure to check his forum regularly...
  5. More bits for the Race TLS

    Bike Pictures
    Took a while until I got all the parts but it's done finally. A new front suspension , GSXR K3 forks and k5 radial calipers :devious I keep the TLS triples and front axle , just need the forks, fender and calipers to do the conversion, fast and esay... Thanks Sam for the info, help and...
  6. Gauging Interest in Oz in Swapping some RED bits and pieces

    Aussie Forum
    When I bought the bike it had quite a bit of red on it and I must admit I am not a keen fan of red. Would anybody be interested in swapping Wheels (Red with polished edge) Screen Support Bar (Powdercoated) Air Intakes (red Grille) Also has Red Fuel Cap surround on a OEM fuelcap...a little...
  7. Bits 4 sale.......

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    set of cans and a set of Gilles bars plus risers in the 4sale section if you are interested peeps..... One here for you...
  8. Re - Carbon Fiber Bits in General Forum

    Aussie Forum
    Is there an Oz member (I am in Melbourne) out there that can lend me a pair of tubes for the TLR if we need them to take a mould? Can do a deal with the donor to get part at discount price lower than the group buy if successful. Thanks:)
  9. Carbon Fibre Bits for TLS TLR

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi Guys I have a guy here in Melb Australia who do CF work an actually rides a TLS. He has asked if I can gauge what sort of items people may want and what sort of pricing is "reasonable" for them. He already has quite a few moulds for bits and bobs. He has even made up a full CF tank that he...
  10. Anglesey Trackday - Best Bits

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Was bored on Holiday so I merged the best bits from 4 sessions on the ER6 into one video at the recent TLZ Anglesey Trackday
  11. Dremel bits

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I've been using some new-fangled Dremel bits that are not like any I've seen before. They are carbide, but not at all like a ball-mill. These look kinf of like a spikey miniature bottle brush. They work pretty well. But they clog up with aluminum pretty quickly. I wonder if there's some way...
  12. clutch bits

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    righto...... replaced the friction plates and need new cable and the worm drive bit. i only need a cable as a pattern to get a longer one made up. but i do need the worm drive part as the bearigs on mine have gone and is also damaged whichdoesnt work well enough totry and ride...
  13. ram air bits

    Looking to Sell
    faux carbon fibre mesh end caps i have an extra set if anyone wants them 20 plus shipping and i have an extra right side ram air tube with boot and carbon end piece 25 plus shipping
  14. assorted R bits HUMP! REAR SEAT!

    Looking to Sell
    Assorted bits including a set of english touring bars extended with bungs to accept S bar ends. bars 25au hump 100au some light scratches 100au rear set VGC 100au rear plastics 100au factory undertail 30au numberplate assy and light 20au metal thingy (new) 10au rubber thingy (new) 5au black...
  15. bits and bobs

    Want to Buy
    hey all i need few parts for my second tiller that i just rescued from the scrapheap i need a rear brake lever an airbox an air filter and a steering damper oh and a rear foot peg bolt, ( the one for the passengers feet that bolts the foot peg to the subframe thanks
  16. Finally got her back together with extra bits

    Bike Pictures
    Well it has taken a while but it is finally back together :banana The last time I rode it 3rd gear went tits up so after engine rebuild with lots of new gears, fork selectors, c bearings, oil pump, crankcase shells and big end shells I thought about some other little mods aswell. New Dymag...
  17. tls bits

    Want to Buy
    need a rear seat and left rear foot peg ( no bracket )
  18. looking for bits

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Hi All , my track bike needs a stripdown think head gaskets have gone at the very least , so while its in pieces might add some more go into her so im looking for High comp pistons and poss cams any suggestions ie best choice and resonable price thanks in advance .
  19. metal bits in the oil

    Help Forum
    ive finished servicing my gsxr track bike. its a 2000-2001 750. all went well except for some dirty valve covers which i ignored see the blow pic and thread here -------------> i went for a quick fang up and down the road...
  20. WTB: bits and pieces

    Want to Buy
    After a little drop today, i need a few things to get the bike going again... For TLR..... Left side front peg/gear shift lever Left side indcator complete with the black cover See for pic's... Any help...