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  1. Happy birthday billy_tlr

    Open Forum
    Hope you have a few beers and try and forget all the problems you are having at the moment. Have a good one and hope things get better for you in the future:cheers
  2. billy_tlr June '09 TLotM WINNER!

    Well done and well deserved :hail TLZ members can read and post their comments here >> June '09 billy_tlr
  3. billy_tlr June '09 TLotM WINNER!

    TL of the Month
    Well done and well deserved :hail June '09 billy_tlr
  4. Happy birthday billy_tlr

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Well done Billy, you have reached the big '40':cheers Hope you have a good party. Sorry i can't be there but we will have a few beers at the BMF next month:devious