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  1. Billet 6 Pot Brake calipers - any experience?

    Performance Enhancement So, since I had a pretty nasty head-on at 60mph, I'm a tad concerned about braking! I have a 97 TLS with a completely standard setup (4 pots and a small master cylinder that most change), but they're old and knackered and the bike hadn't moved for 4 years. I don't know...
  2. WTB: Billet rear reservoir for Gilles

    Want to Buy
    Looking for one of Vandriver's billet rear brake reservoirs, the angled one for the Gilles rearsets. I'm not really hung up on colour, but I'd prefer black. Hopefully someone has one they'll part with... :) Glenn
  3. Vandriver billet cluch cover black/gold, new

    Looking to Sell
    Hi there, Sold my bike, and this has never left the box. $235 shipped.
  4. Vandriver front billet brake reservoir

    Looking to Sell
    Looking to trade or possibly sell. I would prefer to trade.... New Blue front brake reservoir. If someone has a black one they would like to trade for I will pay shipping both ways.
  5. Need a small mill job done:

    Open Forum
    a little job for you guys with mills :devious :drool
  6. Very Rare Graves Billet Clutch Cover

    Looking to Sell
    Perfect Condition, difficult to photo and get the colour looking right :banghead Bought it a few years back as I wanted something more crash resistant than a plastic or billet window cover but is was too good to put on my race bike Would look great on a Blue/White TLR £150 + Postage
  7. Last 2 billet rear reservoirs(new)

    Looking to Sell
    1 polished, 1 black. Get them out of my house. $60 black/ $65 polished + shipping
  8. 1 New Billet Clear clutch cover

    Looking to Sell
    Made by me, so you know what it looks like. Black with a gold window ring. (Someone never paid and I'm sick of looking at the wrapped box) $245+shipping($15 in the US or $25-42 overseas) (Motorcycle, pressure plate and retainers are not included. Just file footage to show the color of the...
  9. votty is our FP Racing Billet Levers raffle winner!

    Congratulations to votty for winning the FP Racing Billet Levers raffle sponsored by Speedking MotoWerx. We had over 150 members enter the raffle, with over 330,000 tickets generated! :omg For the 149 unlucky entrants, better luck next time! -:banana
  10. New Falicon billet TL supercrank

    Looking to Sell
    This is their flattrack billet crank, the strongest TL crank made. From Falicon, the world's foremost name in high-perf crankworks and new cranks. Stock stroke. List price is about $2536. Asking $900 or best offer plus shipping. Buyer gets preferred option to buy the Carrillo rods in my...
  11. FP Racing Billet Levers Raffle Sponsored by Speedking MotoWerx

    For starters, Merry Christmas everyone. To make it a special holiday season we have ANOTHER raffle courtesy of Speedking MotoWerx. Up for grabs this time is a pair of FP Racing billet aluminum bi-folding racing levers, which can also be engraved (see the TL1000R logo!) with words or a logo (we...
  12. NewTLR /TLS billet sprocket covers!

    Aussie Forum
    I have a new tlr and a used tls sprocket cover (was on my sv650), the tls billet cover pictured on left has had slightly larger holes made but still works perfectly and one new , never used tlr cover , both with fittings. tlr $55au posted tls $40au posted posted within australia!
  13. WTS: Billet Anodized Rear Brake Reservoir

    Looking to Sell
    Someone cancelled out on the Group Buy. I am left with one spare tilted reservoir. Angle is 25 degrees. Price: $55 shipped. Color: GOLD
  14. WTS: Billet Anodized Bobbins

    Looking to Sell
    Aluminium billet anodized bobbins for sale. Price: $18 shipped. Please note that the bobbins are not new. I have used them once before to lift up my bike. Well, but it still looks brand new though. Picture is the actual item, which is already removed from my bike.
  15. Group Buy: Billet Annodized Engine Oil Filler Cap

    Group Buys
    Organising Group Buy due to many requests. Price: $26, includes shipping. Comes together with an O-ring. - Will NOT fit vandriver's clear clutch cover. Size: M20 / 1.5mm Colors: Red, Blue, Silver, Gold, Black Need a list of 20 to begin. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  16. Annodized Billet Oil Filler Cap

    Looking to Sell
    Have 1 spare left. Only GOLD colour Size: M20 / 1.5mm Will NOT fit vandriver's clear clutch cover. Will fit rifleman's clear clutch cover though. Will also fit all stock covers Price $30 Shipped.
  17. 4 TLR billet sprocket covers

    Looking to Sell
    NEW, leftover from the Group Buy $65usd + Shipping($5 US or $10 overseas)
  18. 2 TLS Billet sprocket covers

    Looking to Sell
    NEW, leftover from the group buy $65usd + shipping($5 US or $10 overseas)
  19. New Product: FP Racing billet levers

    Group Buys
    Available now....FP Racing billet aluminum bi-folding racing levers. The new FP Tactical lever features the Patented Tactical Bi-Folding Pivot design allowing the lever to breakaway both up and down only during impact giving you the confidence of a rigid lever, but the security of the world’s...
  20. vans 5 bolt billet pressure plate

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    at the BMF i had a few people who asked about the billet pressure plates on our bikes and wanted to know if they could get a five bolt one, at the time i said that they weren't being made anymore, well here they are put your names down and we'll see if we can make it happen:hail:hail...