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  1. Not for us yet, but :), Suzuki Announce Vintage Parts Programme

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
  2. Wayne Gardner rates the 09 WSBK bikes

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  3. Fitting parts of other bikes

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi, I'd like to add/change a few details on my bike, just to give this little extra touch, like foot pegs, levers, brake fluid containers etc etc. Problem is that when I'm looking on the web for parts, I don't know what will fit, since all too often the TLS parts are off the aftermarket (it...
  4. Power commander on different year bikes

    Open Forum
    Im in abit of a dilemma guys. i want a power commander on my K2 GSX-R 1000. ive found one on ebay cheap but its for a K3-K4 gsxr. now on a different listing its says the same powercommander fits from K2-K4. im stuck anyone know the deal?:O
  5. Diesel Oil in Bikes (the auzzie thread)

    Aussie Forum
    Ok i know we are all sick of oil threads so lets keep this fairly specific. a lot of US guys use Shell Rotella Full Synthetic Diesel oil in their TL's and im thinking of doing the same. ive done some searching and have found a couple of threads in other auzzie forums. one guy asked Shell...
  6. How many bikes did you ride? test your memory!

    Open Forum
    In 10 years time, one gets to ride a lot of bikes. Here's a list of all the bikes i've ridden (more than a couple of metres), and which are more than 125cc. 45 different models! It's a fun exercise...pretty tough on the memory..i'm sure i'm forgetting some bikes. Oddly enough, never ridden...
  7. Who's bikes are these?

    Bike Pictures
    I took these shots of tillers in Laguna Seca in august 2006 , just couple of days before I bought my blue/white 2001 tiller in Sacramento CA and then had it shipped it back to Taiwan. This yellow tiller I find on my pc was very very clean and well maintained I remembered.And I wondered why I...
  8. cool bikes at WSBK

    Bike Pictures
    little bit of history seen at miller; then one of me and my daughter making a lap at the track after setting up camp. good times!
  9. Picture of Members and bikes

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Ok about every type of thread has been let's mix it up a bit....let's see everyone post up a picture of yourself, your better half meaning your hottie wife, family, and two wheeled member of the household....and that don't mean your old Ford Pinto sitting on jackstands in your...
  10. Advertising bikes in the UK

    Open Forum
    What's a good UK website for selling/buying a bike. Might pick one up if the stars are right. Pound/Euro is fine for that now and I don't mind if the steering is on the right side instead of left.
  11. blessing of the bikes

    Central Region
    Anyone in west michigan going to the blessing in baldwin on 5-17-09
  12. RD 350 and 400 race bikes for sale

    Open Forum
    These bikes can't be more than 15 miles from me, if that. Must resist...
  13. what mirrors fit these bikes

    Help Forum
    i cant find any mirrors other than 180$ oem mirrors to fit my tiller. can anyone help me?:banghead
  14. Any W.Mids or Staffordshire TL owners out on their bikes this w.end ?

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    As the title says is there any TL owners out for a spin this weekend ?
  15. New Link to Custom Bikes in Puerto Rico

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  16. Crazy Custom Bikes from Puerto Rico

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    This DVD marks our 9th video on the Market. Hot Bikes 3 is a must!!! Filled with hundreds of Customs Sport bikes from the Island of Puerto Rico...
  17. pics of my bikes

    Bike Pictures
    You asked for it, I know they aren't great, but it's all I have, the sun hasn't been out much around here Here's one of the SV with me on it before I repainted to match my wife's jacket:devious
  18. 30 Brand New Suzuki Bikes Trashed

    Open Forum
    I went into work yesterday and picked up the paperwork for my job. So off i go to the docks, park in the bay and wait for my container. All loaded and sat nav on off i go to Suzuki in milton keynes (uk) got to be there for 10am, easy , got there well early. Nice smooth drive everything was...
  19. Vinyl Wrapped Bikes - anyone?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I traded some work out for a Vinyl Wrapping place and i'm thinking about having them wrap my TL. Can anyone think of good schemes? They can print on the vinyl so it could literally be anything. I could have my face on the side (not that i want to devalue my bike). I just need some ideas.
  20. Any mods recommended while bikes in pieces?

    Help Forum
    Body works off so I have easy access to most of the bike. Are there any mods you guys would recommend while I can get to everything? Also wondering what frame sliders you guys are running. I'd prefer not to drill but want a whole set to keep from damaging the plastics after I get it painted...