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  1. Open Forum Here's the quote for BikePilot... From doing some reading, it seems many of the BMW riders are packing a spare final drive with them. :laugh Also, there's a guy doing it on a KLR...more power to him!
  2. Photography
    Josh passed through Colorado on his annual summer tour. As always, we had a great time off roading. I suspect Colorado is going to pick up a talented young lawyer and me a most excellent riding buddy upon graduation. I love it when a plan comes together :devious On to the pics :roost First...
  3. Bike Pictures
    I got out for a ride with Josh and Nicki today. Didn't get in as much riding as I would've like too, so hopefully we will get more time later this week. Here are a few pics at the summit of Loveland Pass. The Bandit 1250S My S
  4. Open Forum
    I figured the other thread was a bit messy with all the bike purchasing stuff and I'd have to post in way too many regional forums so here goes... I'm flying into KC on the 27th and will make my way toward Oshkosh later that day, stop somewhere (Shep?)) and arrive the morning of the 28th...
  5. Open Forum
    Have a good one Josh :cheers
  6. Open Forum
    Why yes, I think this one can :devious A little something for Del :yumyum And one for Josh :lol What the hell. One for me too... Motorcycle Online posted up their preliminary ride of the new Monster. Speeds of 168 mph (stunning on a naked bike and indicative of it's full 1098 spec...
  7. Open Forum
    Thanks to you, I think I had my best ride ever tonight. I know for sure I will never forget it. Josh, let me borrow the CR250R since it was being stored at Duken4evr's house. Tonight, Blake and I got to have our first ride together. I'm not sure who had a bigger smile, probably me. I...
  8. Open Forum
    Well the local Ducati shop had the Ducati Hypermotard truck there with LOTS of demos so Bikepilot and I went to take one for a spin. I must say, much different than either of us were expecting. The motor has tons of torque and is super smoth. The bike itself it comfy, nice ergos and decent seat...
  9. Open Forum
    Heres some pics from our excursion today, we went down to my friend Bens house in Holland, MA for a little jet ski fun. Unfortunately some decently severe storms came thorugh just as we were getting to his house, but that didnt stop us, we rode anyways :banana This is Ben riding in the rain...
  10. Bike Pictures
    for making Killboy's front page:
1-10 of 10 Results