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    I changed the chain and sprockets (DID 530ZVM & decent steel 17/42 sprockets) on my bike at a friends yesterday (he has a proper workshop). Before we started everything was fine and all working OK (to the best of my knowledge .... ) Once all was done and the bike back together it made a slight...
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    Should I use the parts from the TLR (that should come with the arm) ? or should I keep the TLS parts? I want to order new bearing and don't know wich should I use.. Also what shaft/pivot should I use? from the R or S ? Thanks, Adrian.
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    Hi every one. Following a little repair on the front wheel, I thought it was time to replace the wheels bearings and sprocket carrier bearing. Got the HAYNES service repair manual, can't find the info on which bearing to use.:O I asked my local bike shop, they told me that for the TLs 1998...