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    Headlight not working today on my 97 TLS. High beams work but not the low beams. Gauges still light up and the fuse checked out. Can't get my hands on an electrical tester today, any quick fixes I should be looking for? TIA!
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    Hi Guys, All of a sudden my Main Beam does not work - indicators and brake/rear lights fine. All I have is the little "pilot2 bulb on in the centre of the main lights. The pass beam worked for a short while then that has stopped! There is also no beam from the "main beam" switch on left handle...
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    my bikes head lights are stuck on hi beam , it appears switch maybe reason ( i flip it back and forth to no avail) , are there any other options? i am about to open switch, are there any other bikes that may share the same switch and wiring connections? checked fuses they R good ... any help...
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    I noticed today that when I turned my high beams on the headlights completely cut off. Low beams worked fine. I then flipped the switch a couple of times and the high beams then came on. This may be a dumb question but could the problem be anything other than the switch itself?
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    On the US verison headlights.. At night I can see so much better w/ my low beams than hi beams. Hi beams, can see landscape around me but can't see the road at all!... low beams can see the road great but not the landscape.. Is this normal? it seems to me the low beam should always project...