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  1. '01 TLR.... Slight Basket Case

    Canadian Region
    Just wanted to say hi to all the fellow TL folks here. I gotta say - there's a whole lotta good info here. I'm glad to own one finally. After riding YSRs'..CBR's...and a handful of Gixxers I thought it was time to finally get a bike with some personality. She's a bit of a basket case - but I...
  2. New Member, have a friends TL BASKET CASE in my shop!

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Greating to all TLZone members. I joined the site this morning using my cell phone and finally got on the lap top at the house to post. I joined to use the site ass reference to help me out on my friends TL1000R basket case. it's an 01 and and is pretty damn thrashed. When I offered to patch it...
  3. 6 Bolt Clutch Basket onto a 97 TLS...

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Anyone on here done this modification? Is there anything else that needs changing? Does it fit straight on? I've just found one I forgot I had in a big box full of TLS engine bits in my shed... thought I might fit it for a laugh if it's an easy enough job... thanks in advance peeps. :cool
  4. clutch basket

    Motor Tear Down and Rebuild
    what size is the nut that holds the clutch basket it in .:O:O
  5. clutch basket and crankcase help need

    Performance Enhancement
    i wrecked my tl being stupid and wheeling something that just has alot of power. anyways when the bike landed it hit the oil fill case and cracked that open and broke some teeth of the clutch basket. i have orderd a new baskest . my question is do i need to remaove the crank case to take the...
  6. 97 TLS 5 bolt clutch basket

    Looking to Sell
    have one and looking to sell bought the wrong part so its still NIB from bikebandit