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  1. GM Automatic Transmission Rattle

    Open Forum
    I have an 89 oldsmobile 98 that I just put a used transmission in. The car has a 3800V6 and the trans is a 4T60, also known as the 440T4 hydramatic. The trans shifts well, but there is a rattling that sounds like it is coming from the trans, between the engine and the firewall. It only is...
  2. Gerber 06 automatic s30v

    Looking to Sell, Any Items, NON Motorcycle
    Hi everyone I don't know how many people would be interested. I have two Gerber 06 automatic knives... one of which i use frequently. I'm selling one of them its brand new never used. These knifes are kind of pricey but they are of excellent quality. They go for $200 knew.. I'll sell for $150...