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  1. Aussie TLZ Events Calendar

    Aussie Forum
    As a trial from this thread >> I installed some software on my server that might fill the need. Log in and create your events. (Remember to make them public access events otherwise others wont be able to see them...
  2. aussie event calendar feeler

    Aussie Forum
    Happy new year all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sore head :yawn with the new year upon us and the way this country runs as a well oiled (inebriated) group, I rather thought we could add some sort of calendar to the forum and add a bit of structure to the year. being able to plan in advance for the...
  3. Byron Bay Aussie summer pic.....

    For you guys heading into winter, this was yesterday in OZ...:)
  4. Frame Sliders TLS Aussie

    Aussie Forum
    Hi I am after Frame Sliders and sure there are a lot on the ebay sites but haven't got a clue how long a $20 slider lasts even at 0 kmh. Anyone who can share their experience and also point me in the direction of a good product (must look the part of course) Thanks
  5. Aussie blokes and Yosh box.

    Aussie Forum
    Just had a thought you lot(yea yea no sheep jokes eh):bangheadbring em on then......hurry up.:rantMy Yosh box is over yonder so if anyones wanting the use of it (no not interested in any "hi Mike this is my first post but") then get hold of drfunk and sort something out with him re getting it to...
  6. aussie needs help for usa guys

    Open Forum
    hi guys there is a rear duck tail for my tlr blue/white on ebay ( the part is in tampa florida but as im in aus im not sure what to do is there any one on here that would pick it up and pack and send for me to aus as i trust we no how to pack a part...
  7. Anyone from Aussie TL win the 106 million lottery??

    Aussie Forum
    Well unfortunatley , i have to front up again tomorrow to work and explain to them i didnt win. I was pretty sure and said id lay a turd on the bosses desk after eating a curry...but only 3 numbers...maybe it wont go off again..that be great! so i hope some one from here won it.... im off to...
  8. for the aussie blokes- 07 gsxr front end

    Looking to Sell
    hey folks, i have a 2007 gsxr 750 radial forks for sale (kayaba's which are better then the showas found on the thou). they are the black forks. comes with the following. axle triples factory steering damper calipers front radial master cylinder/resv. brand new in packet HEL braided brake...
  9. Aussie letter of the year

    Aussie Forum
  10. Interesting Site on History Of Aussie Minibikes.

    Aussie Forum
    This site brings back some memories. I had a Deltek Grassgrub and always wanted the Deckson Eagle when it came out. I got to see what was the latest and greatest because Stan Bear lived at the top of the street.
  11. move aussie day my ass....

    Aussie Forum,25197,24966031-601,00.html thank god kev 07 put the kybosh on that quick smart... man im pissed off about the suggestion of it....
  12. Aussie Suggestion

    Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    Aussie section to have there own for sale section to all members as there is not that many selling parts in OZ and its very hard filtering through the main selling section as they are 99.9 % US sellers ......
  13. Aussie spring ride pics

    Bike Pictures
    Mt Mee Southeast Queensland today.... One of the locals with a problem.....:O QLD police speed camera at work.....:coocoo
  14. Aussie air show pics

    Amberley air show today........
  15. Aussie comming to a town near you :devious

    Continental European Forum
    Hey guys and gals. the central Europe part of my trip is coming up and wondering if anyone has some tips/info. here is the list of places and dates ill be: Netherlands - 21 Sep - 26 Sep (most likely in central amsterdam) Belgium - 26 Sep - 1 Oct (no idea where ill hang out yet, tips would...
  16. Aussie Pope Mobile?

    Aussie Forum
    Got it in an email, thought I'd share.
  17. Aussie TLR for sale

    Aussie Forum
    Hey guys anyone after a TLR in Australia/NZ then check out the Looking to Sell threads here Cheers, D
  18. SPOILER - P*SSY Little Aussie Runt !!

    Open Forum
    Just listening to stoners parc ferme interview whinging that "some of those overtakes were so unnecccesary they weren't funny" because Rossi didn't just let him past and run away :coocoo Sorry but the spoilt little sh*t has just gone Waaaay down in my estimation :coocoo:coocoo:rant Stop being a...
  19. Aussie V8 Touring car photos

    This is pratice day shots from today at QLD Raceway for our 620hp Touring car series....