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  1. Photography
    Here's just a few of the hundreds of photo's I took at Brands Hatch...the lad in the safety car is Aaron :) Lucky thing got 4 laps in the car..big thank you to MSV who own Brands Hatch :hail The one and only Agostini :) Shame the R8 is only a two seater :)
  2. Open Forum
    Got a problem with my Audi 80 1.9 TDI Sport 1994, had the battery off for a couple of days on charge and now the throttle response is strange, some times it is ok other times it does what it wants, I'm told its the 'fly by wire' has lost its memory due to the battery been off, is this something...
  3. Open Forum
    My 1994 1.9tdi estate sport has a problem.. replaced all 4 discs and pads but the drivers side (right hand drive) rear brake isnt working at all, the calipers ok , there is no fluid coming from the proportioner valve, havnt got any further as its snowing here and didnt fancy frost bite ..:laugh...
1-3 of 3 Results