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  1. CL GSXR forks $70 Milwaukee area

    eBay Auctions Forum
  2. Couple TL's on CL in the Milwaukee metro area

    eBay Auctions Forum
    I wish I had the cash for this one, I'd update from my '98 and an R
  3. Anybody in LA area riding tonight?

    West Coast Region
    Its a nice night, i'm taking the TLS out for a ride anyone else riding somewhere tonight? Sully
  4. Sacramento Area Rider

    West Coast Region
    Unidentified black TLR spotted twice on WhiteRock Rd and Zinfandel. Any takers?
  5. newbie from chicago area

    Open Forum
    Hello all, just wanted to introduce myself to you all. I just picked up a 2000 TLR from a friend. Been riding for over 8 years now and i also have a 03 gsxr 1000 to play with too. am ready to learn, get idea and share info. If you are around chicagoland and like group ride, let me know. Again...
  6. What is the RAF Lakenheith (sp?) area like?

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    There's a job I'm interested in applying for with the USAF and that would be the base, is the area good for the UK - riding and neighborhoods? Anyone that could give info would be appreciated:thumbup
  7. Anyone near the Hanover/York, PA Area that can help with Pair Valve Removal?

    Help Forum
    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was anyone local to the Hanover-York, PA area that could help me with the Pair Valve Removal? Any help would greatly be appreciated and a 6-Pack of your choice will be provided! Thanks. -Joe
  8. Bullrun Rally in VA or surrounding area

    East Coast Region
    I have a buddy who is a Staunton, VA PO and gave me the inside scoop on the Bullrun Rally coming Saturday night (7-11-09.) They are all staying at the Stonewall Jackson and leaving at 9:00am Sunday. Lots of hot cars, women, celebrities, and rich "folks" are gonna be there! I think I am going...
  9. Pasadena/Covina Area of Southern Cali??

    West Coast Region
    hey whuts up fellow Zone members?...anybody in the Pasadena/Covina area or nearby want to hook up for a ride on weekends?? Or put together a bigger ride with other TL owners?? if interested, PM me and lets hook up for a v-twin blast...
  10. Tour of the Black Forest and surrounding area

    Continental European Forum
    Just Wondered if anyone lives in or around the Black Forest area of Germany as i'm down that way for a week from the 6th of June, also if you can reccomend any good roads for us to have a play on. Cheers Cliffo :)
  11. noise from front sprocket area when pushed along

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I am getting a crunching sort of noise when bike is pushed along, or wheel turned on paddock stand. Seems to be from front sprocket area. Is there a bearing or anything that could be replaced without a strip down of the engine? The bike has only done approx 11k miles, but is used for drag racing.
  12. nashville area anyone???

    Open Forum
    hey memorial day weekend the XDL event is at the nashville speed way. ryan and i will be down and ryan will be competeing. heres a link for more info:
  13. anyone in the Tucson/Phoenix area for a ride

    West Coast Region
    Looking to put some miles on my TLR...Still relatively new to the area and looking to find some nice twisties to explore. Not looking to race...but just ride. Any interest???
  14. DC area photo shoot

    East Coast Region
    I know that this is extermely late notice, but I have a friend of mine shooting my bike tomorrow in Greenbelt MD at 11 A.M. If anyone wants in let me know asap. I will check PM's first thing in the morning, and PM you back with the location and time. It will be a good day for pictures.
  15. IL area track day for sale.

    Looking to Sell
    Autobahn south track. In joliet IL. 24 april 09 $136.00 This price is set to change. I have to talk to the track to see if i can sell it for my chosen price or if they pull in some cut. So hopfully I will be able to go as low as $90. Thanks...
  16. also posted in TARD area - FAN OVERRIDE Q

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Right, I can ride a bike well enought to NOT be placed in TARD category but parts and bits and bobs and terminology is not there yet, due being a bit of non listener and general twat. So I have a question i need help with...... My beautiful '97 TL1000s (a red one) that I have just purchased...
  17. Went for a ride through Bushfire area Yest

    Aussie Forum
    Went for a ride yesterday up on our normal track yesterday. BUt still few places still closed off with road blocks and police. went up from lilydale up to dixons creek and gelnburn on to Yea.Toolangi state forest is eerie. Instead of birds and greenness, its barren. You can even tell the way the...
  18. Need Painter in Tampa, FL area

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Does anyone know of a RELIABLE painter for motorcycle parts here in the Central FL area? I have a couple of chip marks from the past years of riding and would like to get both side panels and belly pan painted. Thanks ET
  19. Anyone in the Philly area ?

    East Coast Region
    Hi I am looking for TL owners in the philly area, specifically TLS owners that might be close by to me. I am looking to buy a TLS in the next few weeks off of the forum but they are all too far off to swing by and sit on, would hate to fly out or have one shipped here only to find that for a...
  20. can you obscure an area of video?

    Open Forum
    have been trying to find out how to mask/obscure a small area of film......:O well to be honest i want to mask the number/licence plate of a TL that is being filmed abusing the rear tyre........OK there will be those that tut at the childish antics:confused but i see it as harmless fun and the...