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    My TLR was wrecked a few years ago by a family member (I will NEVER lend out my bike again! :banghead ). I have been slooooowly getting the things that I need to piece it back together, and I think I finally have everything that I need, but I do not know how to get her running again. Its not...
  2. Open Forum
    I'm comming through tomorrow evening, will probably have time to meet up and might like to crash on an empty couch if you've got one;) I'm working from my phone so best to text or call and leave a message. ThanksB !
  3. Open Forum
    Anyone? The wife and I are thinking of moving, and this town caught her interest. Anyone give me any details on it? Community, weather, jobs, housing? Thanks!! Will
  4. Performance Enhancement
    Just an idea, Would a larger square surface area of an air filter increase engine performance? Using stock air box without the lid the amount of air in the cavity under the tank and ram air is fixed, I know the more air the better, if it's mapped correctly. what do you think:confused
  5. Help Forum
    Hi to all! I have a 1999 TLR 1000 which has developed a really bad knock from the headstock area,I have replaced the head stock bearings,the front wheel bearings,had the forks modified by maxton but the knock is still there!Can anybody help as i'm really struggling???:):)
  6. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi After almost two months of waiting and no email or phone call returns I'm asking for help. I sent two money orders to a guy in Wilmington, DE for a bunch of parts and got nothing in return.:O I don't know what to do. He may not have received the MO's, but that doesn't explain the lack of...