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  1. Open Forum
    Hi fellas, - say you would want to do a little adventure in South America, let's say Bolivia, Chile, Argentina to start with ;) - say you would like to go offroad, over the dunes, over the mountains, through the mud, ... - say you would be gone for i year or so, so you would need a...
  2. Central Region
    Hey is anyone planning on going this weekend? I think I'm taking the wife so it will be done on 4 wheels this year. Ticket prices seem to have gone up, $45 a day. I have to find some sheap tickets!!
  3. Open Forum
    so no 4th of July celebration but were having a PARADE for cinco de mayo? im sorry but this is absolutly bullshit. i cant believe this. hey australia, you got room for a pissed off yankee? i understand other cultures wanting to celebrate something. go ahead.. BUT MY COUNTRYS INDEPENDANCE DAY IS...
  4. Open Forum
    I'm afraid we are not ready yet and I'm thinking he is a brave man but with the hostility towards McCain whom tries to clam the crowds when someone yells inappropriate comments towards Obama will continue to get worse especially if Palin, McCain continues to associate him with the terroists...
1-4 of 6 Results