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    check out the new boats... bi and tri-hauled, hydrofoiling wonders. powered winches, water pumped as a ballast between tanks for balance, no need for athletic sailors like the days of yore. will not be much tacking this year... this is going to be a drag race. some amazing videos here...
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    Hey all, took an amazing ride on the tiller today through the canyons of southern california, past the famous rock store, down to Leo Curio, up the infamous Decker Canyon, back through the Snake..... Been a long while since I've done a nice 3 hour tour (no stops, 90 miles of canyons). TLR ran...
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    Saw a blurb somewhere on here about using a zip-tie to hold the front brake lever back overnight, so tried it on my TLS. WOW! Very little travel in the lever now. Seems to have let most (if not all) of the air out of the lines. Brakes weren't too bad before, but were a little spongey. Now...
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    Tyre, Lebanon, Middle East Mediterranean sea.. October 23rd 2008 3:30 PM local time These pictures were taken by different sources as this amazing monster got closer and closer. IM just amazed how mother nature can be soooooooo beautiful and yet so deadly at the same time. Luckily no one got...
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    <br><font size=1><a href="">Cool Bike Formation</a> - Watch more <a href="">free videos</a></font>