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  1. Looking to Sell
    Stainless Steel Akraprovic Bolt ons, right side has little damage from a tip over. Asking $500AUD + shipping (+fees if using paypal)
  2. Aussie Forum
    As the title states, Full Stainless Akraprovic headers with Titanium sleeves. asking $1600 AUD + shipping. These babies retail for $1800 USD if you can find them. Another one for you Aussies to grab some bling. And yes there is more to come.:banghead
  3. Looking to Sell
    As the title states this is a full Akraprovic system for the TLS with round carbon cans cut down to shorties. System comes with springs and carbon fibre exhaust hangers as well. Asking $900AUD + shipping + paypal fees, boxed and ready to be shipped.
1-3 of 3 Results