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    Got a bloke here looking for said dimensions,wants to make a template so looking for the Hex section and Carbon cap dimensions and some close up photos.:bangheadbugger forgot,the Hex carbon ones.Cheers in advance.
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    Or does it do away with the footpegs?
  3. Looking to Sell
    Up for sale custom 57mm fat headers for the TLS in High Mount. These were made by Bernhard who was a member here. These come with adaptor to put your bolt on cans as well. I paid 730 Euros asking 800USD + shipping. These are made identical to how Akrapovic systems are made in design. This...
  4. Looking to Sell
    As the title say Full Stainless Steel racing headers with springs. $850au + shipping. A few dings as shown in the photos. You cannot get this system anymore! Great power gains. You need this system come and get it while you can. :devious
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    Hi Guys, Does anyone have the Akrapovic catalog which includes the exhaust systems for the TLS and TLR? Looking for info on actual systems that they produced for the TL, as they don't have it in their catalog anymore. And yes I know they don't make them anymore. But I would have thought they...
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    PM me...