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    After a month long hiatus, and with new revolution rotors and EBC extreme pads.. I finally managed to get out and go for a scrub in run.. Running stock calipers and lines, i gotta say i'm well impressed with the new set up. Feels alot better than the OEM set up which at times felt vague and at...
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    Well the weather gods blessed us with some nice riding weather today, had a nice blast through the twisties and was quite enjoying myself... Until half way home :banghead:banghead Riding along i noticed the FI warning light had come on, and after the problems i had earlier on in the year i...
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi guys.. I just got my new bike out running today but when ridding the temperatur is betwen 50 and 60 c.. The bike is a 98 tls uk import bike. I thaut i was on the 97 tls there was a temp prob and the fixet it on the 98 model?? Is it just to get a hotter thermostat or?? Thanks..