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    So I won these carbon fiber heel guards on eBay the other day for $10.50 with $7.00 shipping. Not a bad score for $17.50. When they arrived they were in excellent condition, nearly new. They were boring looking, and were designed to fit OVER the exsisting heel guards, which made them quite a...
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    hello you noisy bunch of barstewards.. I've a TLR track/roadthrasher and fuggin' love it. Lookin' forward to the usual site banter and craic
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    Got home and backed the bike in the garage (still on the bike) leaned to the right a little as I normally do to get the left foot up and put the kick-stand down. Flipped it down, or thought I did and when I went to lean it on the stand, it wasn't there.... It was slow motion and I realized the...