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  1. A little update after my crash (in July 2010)

    Open Forum
    It's odd, I wanted to update the original thread kindly started by Toledo, but it's gone?!?! :dowhat For those that don't know, you can read this post, otherwise move onto the next one I'll do: So, I was minding my own business doing about 60mph when I rounded a left hand bend and found a car...
  2. Accident

    Open Forum
    Hay fokes, This friday I had gotten in to a accident taking my 10 year old to school a young girl failed to check her mirror and made a u turn in front of a high school. The TLS may be total loss just waiting for the insurance company. My daughter just has bumps and cuts and we don't have any...
  3. My morning accident

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Had an interesting morning... Driver in #1 lane (~20mph) thought it was very important that she be in the #2 lane (~40mph):coocoo and sent me and the TL head over Honda. If you ever saw that video of Dawn's crash (I think shes a members GF), then you basically saw a mirror image of mine. I...
  4. motorcycle accident (motorsiklet kazalar)

    Bike Pictures
    Could someone please explain to me, you know when the steering like completely goes and the bike starts wobbling a lot and then they eventually crash - what exactly is it that broke :s? cause i keep seeing it happen in loads of vids etc. damn. thats pretty damn dangerous! ****ing idiots...