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  1. TLR Track rolling chassis = $800

    Looking to Sell
    $800 This is a project bike that will need lots of work and a few extra parts to complete. It comes with what you see in the pictures plus a couple boxes of parts. Please be considerate and do not expect a full, running, AMA winning bike for $800 and no, I will not sell it for less right now...
  2. Board Track Racer $800

    Looking to Sell
    Just picked this up, and now everything in the garage is going. It is a REPLICA, not an original. $800. I've got a bunch of stuff listed in other threads (and not a lot of time to live:laugh), so if you want it, grab it.
  3. I won $800,000!

    Open Forum
    Somehow.... FedEx® UK Tel: +44-704-575-6666 Attention: Beneficiary YOUR PAYMENT NOTIFICATION. This is to notify you that your parcel is still in the possession of our shipping department in UK under our subsidiary "World-Tropic Courier Services", this parcel...