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  1. Looking to Sell
    I'm unfortunately going to be selling my TL1000s, 1998 model. MOT due end July, no issues with them previously. Only issue I've had recently is her cutting out once or twice when shutting off the throttle after riding for a while, but I found the revs were on the lower end at tick-over. I...
  2. Help Forum
    Hi guys and gals, I have a 98 TLR and developed a slight engine leak on the LHS near the engine sprocket but developed a bigger problem when sorting that out. I removed the clutch release cylinder / speed sensor coupler and engine sprocket cover then sorted the leak out. On trying to put...
  3. Want to Buy
    looking for a yellow rear hump...mine seemed to take a flight when on way down to Motogp on friday. preferable yellow with the black stripe down the just never know ...
  4. Looking to Sell
    OK, here is a list of what I have taken off so far. Prices are negotiable. PM me for pic's. I also still have the Frame w/ SC title, motor, swingarm, Complete Triple, Forks that need new seals, Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa front tire w/ less than 500 miles, and front axle. I have not taken these...
  5. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi all, Sorry for an odd thread, and I know I could probably research this, but I've got a guy in a hurry and wants to buy my motor off of me, but I don't know what it's worth, and he wants me to email him asap. Can someone please let me know what a complete, running motor is worth, w/o the...
  6. Help Forum
    I looked all over could someone tell me where the neutural light switch is on this 98 tls?need help,the bike won't show the n light when i am in neutural.drivin me nuts.thanks
  7. Want to Buy
    Right side not left .... Doh! Folks I dropped my bike on Friday taking it off the ramp:coocoo I need the right side fairing panel in blue and white and a belly pan either blue or black , all must be near mint to replace the cracked ones.. UK only obviously. Cheers. Jon.
  8. Looking to Sell
    Selling my baby, my brother borrowed her and lowsided her on the right, minimal damage, will need right mirror, right brake pedal, fairing is scraped but not cracked, rear can has some damage, but cosmetic only, now for the good stuff, has rs3 cans, tre mod, airbox mod, pair system removed...
  9. Bike Pictures
    Carbon Can Company Titanium Cans, EBC HH pads, Power Commander 3 USB, K&N Filter, 16 tooth front sprocket, Semi syn oil always, Crash bobbins on frame, swingarm and front forks. TRE fitted, Michelin Pilot 2 Road (Good in rain & dry), Iridium Plugs NGK, Triple SSS X-RING GOLD chain with JT rear...
  10. eBay Auctions Forum
    Clean TL1000s If I were not out of work I would buy her:banghead...
  11. Looking to Sell
    I have to let her go, I dont have the time to ride like I use to. I will consider good offers. I have listed her on
  12. Looking to Sell
    My yellow 1998 TLR is up for grabs, folks. 25xxx kms on her (15,5XX miles). Tinted Double Bubble windscreen (stock screen included) Airbox modded Yosh slip-ons K&N performance air filter New rear tire (front has lots of life in it) Rear axle / swingarm stand included Fairings are not perfect...
  13. Want to Buy
    Looking for a 1998 blue and white stock tail section. No rash, all stock decals in place, with the hump. PM me if you have one you want to sell.
  14. Looking to Sell
    I am the second owner. I bought it in spring of 1999 with 2400 miles on it and it shows about 9800 miles right now. Stock gearing is pretty tall- I have been running -1 tooth on the CS sprocket since shortly after I bought it, so the actual mileage is probably ~800 or so less than what it...
  15. Looking to Sell
    For sale is a 1998 Suzuki TL1000R. Bike has 31k miles and is in overall good mechanical condition. Has undertail with lights, fender eliminator, EBC front rotors, gel grips, silver windscreen, and a "TL1000R" tank bra. Plastics are in fair shape with light scrapes and few cracks. Clean title in...
  16. Looking to Sell
    Someone buy my bike. Found a project I really want to buy. 98 TLR 10k miles Fantastic shape, needs nothing etc. $4200 Full Yosh Woodcraft rearsets Ohlins shock braided lines plus a few other goodies.
1-16 of 32 Results