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  1. Donington Park 14th April, report pics

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    After a dodgy forecast, all was dry when we arrived at 7.30am, after a 4.30start:banghead:boring Bikes unloaded into a shared garage, meet up with Carl & his mate, Tony & Mark R1 Sign on & find out Focused events in their wisdom have put me Sam & Mark into the novice group:banghead Mark & Sam...
  2. Cadwell Park Trackday 14th March

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    After the cancellation of the last Cadwell due to snow Mark rebooked for 14th March in the fast group. Me and Stu booked Mallory and Donnington in April but Stu can't wait till then and decided to join Mark aswell......... So we now have the following for Cadwell 14th March Mark (R1)(Fast...
  3. Mallory 10th April & Donnington 14th April Trackdays

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Me and Stu have booked (with our Cadwell Credit) Mallory 10th April (Good Friday) and Donnington on the 14th April (Tuesday after Bank Holiday Monday)(Focus Events) Both are in Intermediates :thumbup
  4. 8th Annual ToyRide!!! Dec 14th Angel Stadium

    West Coast Region
  5. Mallory Track Day 14th August

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    After Crofts washout this weekend, we have re-scheduled for Mallory in the inters again. Me (TLS) Fat Stu (TLS) Dave (Trick ZRX1200) Any of you southern poof's gonna join us :lol