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    New purchase

    Well a couple of weeks ago it was lagging it down with rain (surprise) and I was sick of working out in it,now I've got a few bikes and always had a couple of suzuki knocking about , I've fancied a v twin for a while and I'm not a hipster investor that doesn't know one end of a spanner from another and just hoards investment bikes and never rides them!!!. Anyway to cut a long story short I like the maligned and I had had my eye on a tlr that I knew was fresh in at a shop that my pal is sponsored by,, after some umming and arring and haggling we shook hands and i bought the beauty....Great being single again!
    I got it home in my van a few days later and took it out locally for a quick test ride......*uck me , haha thats fun..!!
    Got some small jobs to do on it but well happy......if anyone is selling a pillion seat I'm your man, they are like Rocking horse bob and a tad pricey!

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    Welcome to the Zone Suzyjim!

    Congrats on your TLR find.

    Let's see a few photos of it.
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