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Thread: Add yourselves to the map. This is a TLZone Members Map only !!!

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    May 2004
    Eastern USA
    Damn, pretty cool. Google Earth has better imagery. I could zoom into the pond behind my house and the lot where my house sits. This one allows me to Zoom in to the State Route I live on and the street name above my house less than 100 yards. Both are pretty Darn good.

    I'll never forget. I will strive to live up to the examples you both set.

    In honor of mom and dad.

    Happy Father's Day dad

    "NO!! I DON'T want to press 1 for English!...."

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    Apr 2005
    I'm on the map!!!

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    Sumter, SC
    I'm now on the map!!! Did you know that Iraq has no zip codes!!!
    A Lurker Once Again...

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    Jun 2003
    Welcome to the Island

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    Mar 2005
    Shiga, Japan
    Awesome idea - good one! Yah for sticky too!

    ... but my picture - he no show up

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    Baby Twin
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    May 2004
    Wrightstown, NJ
    that was a good idea

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    WSB Pit boss MIKE FORD's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    first kiwi on,
    TLOTM March 07

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    Devon, SW England
    Originally posted by Steve TLS
    I'm there.

    Who are you then, the incredible invisible man Ain't no SteveTLS in Oz where i'm looking..........or perhaps I was looking at France or North Korea
    Done: Fat-bar conversion; DNA Handlebar fairing; TLR Clock conversion; Yosh TLR Headers, one-off link pipes & Carbon cans; Relocated oil cooler; Relocated Coolant bottle; Transistor TRE; PCII; +1/-1 sprockets; Hyperpro steering damper & 916 style mount; Maxton Re-Valved forks; Tokico 6 pot callipers; HEL braided hoses; TLR Swing-arm; Bitubo shock; Yellow Box; 98+ Thermo-mod; JarkkoT +/- mod; Airbox mod; K&N air filter; Riflemans 1/5th; Harris carbon mudguard; Carbon Solo Seat Unit; Pyramid undertray; Powder coated wheels; Mini indicators; LSL rearsets; Scotoiler

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    Mid Sweden
    Hmm... So far I seem to be the one furthest up north...
    Guess that explains that this is the last week of the season for me.
    Done: -98 thermostat housing + bypass mod, Rifleman's 1/5'th, black screen, 17/40 sprockets, home made ATRE, Bitubo rear shock, Barnett clutch springs, split steering damper bracket, iridium plugs, D&D CF full system, +/- mod, Van fork sliders, Ziggy999 frame sliders, Pazzo shorty levers, US headlight, Busa front MC, Galfer SS lines, TLR 6-potters, airbox mod, PCII, Van sprocket cover, EBC front brake discs, TI rotor bolts, Van clear clutch cover, 6-spring clutch, Van clutch plate, Scotts oil filter, K&N, Stealth sprocket, full TLR M4 system, custom oil cooler bracket, Geelong CF tank bra.

    Todo:CF undertail/gap mod, Discacciati discs, fork revalving, improve crank case breather, custom head light

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