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Thread: People speaking negative of TL's

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    Fuck the Ney Sayers.....

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    Haters gonna hate, Maters gonna Mate. I think the TL1000S have quite a long lived motor and yes of course a 20 year old motorcycle needs some care. But as others have already said, maintain your motorcycle and it will look after you. Operator errors in either riding or maintencance are 9 /10ths of what goes wrong in motorcycles.

    I got lucky and bought mine with 34000km on the clock just after it had a thorough checkover and whatever was wrong was sorted out. So far I have had little dramas two years on, most of them to do with my own lack of knowledge around maintenance and attempting to modify it. Every motorcycle make has it's lame ducks and lemons and within that group there are some definite dogs but the TL isn't one of them. The TLS is in good company in the Supersports bikes of it's time and the way it puts the power down makes it a rare beast in a modern world of well behaved (koff boring koff koff) but fast up top bikes.
    Likewise, the TLR was running alongside the Ducati 996, not exactly slack either.

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    I have a 97 TLs, had it since 2009, very reliable bike, has around 36000 miles on clock, only do around 1500 miles a year as have other bikes and vehicles, but never lets me down and its the longest I have ever owned a bike. Still makes me grin when riding it and sounds brill.
    Thanks to Sparky,Mick and zone members for making my new silver dream machine so special to me and Diane. My 97 engine and wheels and 99 frame with kind donations to make this beautiful bike possible. k7 radial front forks and calipers, R powder coated swingarm with steel custom brackets and Honda 900 Hornet rear shock and 1100 lbs spring. R headers welded onto S front down pipe,home made front damper mod, pc111 usb, airbox mod, Art twin outlet oval cans, hydro clutch and Barnett springs,TRE, K&N Filter, gap mod tray,carbon undertray,tiny indys,top yoke conversion to mx bars,R6 throttle tube, Later ecu so no more stumbles at 3000 revs.6 spring clutch fitted with custom black pressure plate and clear clutch cover, cheers sparky,adam,chris and stu for the parts.

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    FFS my other bike is a Buell, what crap do you think I get!

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