The FHO12AA R/R for my TLS.
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Thread: The FHO12AA R/R for my TLS.

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    The FHO12AA R/R for my TLS.

    Hello All,

    I hope everyone is well.

    I've been reading on a Triumph forum about R/R's - nice work DEcosse.

    DEcosse uses a FH012AA on his TLS and I'm very happy to do the same.

    But, because this info is now 10 years old, is the FH012AA still current or has it been superseded?

    Thanks for your help and stay safe.

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    It is still perfectly acceptable and works great. Ran it for a long while with no problems. The upgrade since then is the SH775 on mine. Apparently there is a newer SH847, but either of those 2 are going to be great. Years on the 775 with not one problem. Getting about 14.1V at idle which keeps my lithium quite happy...
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    If you do a search you should find his write up on the conversion either here or at the Planet.
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