question about ram air system
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Thread: question about ram air system

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    question about ram air system


    i bought an tl1000s 1999 2 months ago and customise/ streetfighter it.

    for some reason the seller removed the airfilter box and put on K&N filters. Not sure why he did that, for the rest the bike was stock.
    I never ride a tl1000s before, i have a feeling it lacks a bit of power. it doesnt have that big torque down low in the rpms.

    can it be because it doesnt have the airfiler box?

    pic of the bike so far:
    question about ram air system-thumbnail_img_20180914_225310.jpg

    the K&n filters that are on the bike now placed by previous owner:

    question about ram air system-kelekn.jpg

    thank you,


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    Long ago we figured out that the individual filters did more harm than good on the TL.
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    This was never a Katana.

    THIS is a Katana.

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    Especially without fixing the fuelling to compensate.

    + how good are those mufflers, flowise ?
    And their volume or lack thereof...

    Since I don't believe there is gain
    to be had, you would be waisting time trying to fix the fuelling in this state.
    Better to fit
    an airbox and go from there.

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    thanks for the replies, much appriciated.

    the mechanic at the suzuki dealer told me without airbox you lose an amount of horsepower.
    i know the '97 is torqier down low then an '99 but somehow it feels that it lacks some power. getting an air box soon so i will try it out.

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