I bought a 98 TLR that needed love. I have been lurking here for a month now getting to to a happy place.

First the regulator was not function 100% and low charging, so I had a spare R1 mosphet kicking around (I build Cafe bikes), since I was doing that I did the coil+ mod, charge mod, headlight mod.

The airbox mod and vacuum delete was already done but but I also heat taped the air box. When taking out the airbox I noticed the ram air sealing foam was half deteriorated on both sides. I think its something one should look for immediately when buying a TL, half of the foam was gone on both sides so I fixed that too. That alone notably increased the power of the bike.

The rear under tail was terrible so I had to delete it too.

Then I proceeded with installing a blue flame exhaust (which could be louder still imo, what holds back the volume of the TL exhaust?) because stock is way to quiet , TRE and R6 throttle.

Last thing to fix is the pulsing front brakes. I loosened all the floating nuts and still pulsing.

Now the the fuel pump; one day I smelt gas coming from the garage and sure enough long drips on the left side which actually looked like oil at first but it was gas. I was damn! I just spend all those days fixing up the electrical! I took a look and it looked like it was from weather change (expansion/contraction) as there was old gas around the area. I researched the variety of threads on it. Since I got so much from this site I thought I would give back with my fix, no new stock gasket.

- First I tried tightening the bolts, that didn't work.
- I did the flat metal test and sure enough there was a dip in two places parallel to each other, a good 1mm dip on the gasket frame and the lower lip were the lower gasket rubber seals.
- So I took a ball peen hammer and flattened it. I think people should do this first before doing anything else because if there is a gap like that other fixes are more like band aids, I think thats why it re-occurs for so many.
- I had rubber/cork gasket, traced out the stock gasket and made it for the TOP not the bottom, so between the pump and stock gasket.
- I cleaned every sealing surface with degreaser, then paint prep cleaner (mostly alcohol).
- I used copper gasket spray gasket on all sides of all surfaces including the tank. So tank, both sides stock and cork gaskets and the pump itself.
- Red locktite on the bolts. I recommend using a marker to write the #'s of the bolt pattern on the pump itself for ease and speed.
- I didn't use a torque wrench I have the "mechanics touch".

No leaks!

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