Problems with tl1000s engine
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Thread: Problems with tl1000s engine

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    UnhappyProblems with tl1000s engine

    Hi mates! I've got a problems with a 1997 suzuki tl1000s. One of cylinders stopped working after short ride. Firstly, I thought that it might be plug problems but after changing plugs problem remained the same... There is something strange high knocking sound when engine warmed. Also exhaust pipes of both cylinders are warm. Today I measured compression - so front cylinder compression is 850, second is 800. Both cylinders are working but bike does not 'pull' like it should. Current engine thrust is about 20-30% from main. Where might be a problem? Someone faced with a similar problem? Thanks for reading!

    P.S. I owned that bike less month. I rode around 300-400 km...

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    Did you fit NEW plugs?

    cheers stu

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    Howdy, welcome and what Stu said.
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    Hello darktree. Sounds like the plug lead is breaking down when she warms up. Wouldn't heart to try a new lead. If its the rear cylinder which l wouldn't be surprised it tends to get a little hotter causing hardening of the lead over many years. Give it a never know.

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