Afternoon and a happy New Year to you all.
Just staring a couple of jobs on my TLS and the Ring Ins gasket mod is one of them. I have the 2mm viton cord ready and am going to clean all the surfaces up before putting it all back together.
My question though is whether the rubber part of the gasket is supposed to be a snug fit against the fuel tank as mine seems to have a bit of a gap along the long edge of the tank.
When the gasket is removed the gap does seem to differ from the other long edge so would I be best to "adjust" the gap do you think?
Thoughts and advice very welcome
CheersGap between fuel pump gasket and fuel tank-dscn2242.jpg

Also what can I use to get the dregs of fuel out. There's a few bits of something (muck, old sealant whatever) in there so whilst I am doing it I may aswell give it a good clean out. I was thinking a sponge but wondered whether the petrol would eat it. I may pour some old petrol in a cup and dip an old sponge in later today to find out. Could be interesting.......