Suspension issues.....
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Thread: Suspension issues.....

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    Suspension issues.....

    Hi all

    Don't know if it's always been like it or I've never really noticed but my ride quality feels like shite! The back feels solid and the front feels like it's chattering over bumps, I've got a bitubo on the rear that I bought s/h and never adjusted it at all when I fitted it in the off season. I think the rear setup is affecting the front, does anyone have a pic of their bitubo for a spring setup reference? I've a lot of thread showing at the top which makes me think the preload is too high but tbh I'm not a suspension guru so any advice/help much appreciated.

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    Start by measuring your sag.
    Measure with no wait on the bike from the axle but to the rear sub frame (make a mark with some masking tape).
    Then measure it with you on it in full gear. The difference should be about 30 mm.
    That's your preloaded.

    I prefer mine to be 33mm, just saying
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    if its sat thru winter i'd start by looking at the pivots on the shock linkage.

    pull it apart and check for rusty needle rollers etc.

    they are chronic for it.

    grease it up all nice and try it again

    the rear is most suspect and it actually affects the front too

    cheers stu

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    I don't know if the TL's ever have this issue, but I had steering head bearings get too loose on my old Honda Nighthawk. The front end was all over the place and any little bump would cause the handlebars to shudder for a second. I upgraded to tapered roller bearings from All-Ballz for the Honda and all my riding confidence came back. My TL's look like it's easy enough to tighten the steering head, maybe that's worth a shot, just to find out? These other guys are right, too: too stiff in the rear puts all the action on the front and all the geometry goes bunk. If the upgraded suspension isn't tuned (balanced) you'll have created a monster until you tame it. That's how I see it anyway, but I'm nutz...
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    Over-tightened head bearings can be just a bad, if not worse than loose ones. Follow Ring-in's advice and do the basic setup. I have a suspicion though that your bitubo shock might want a look. These thing do need servicing periodically. I left the one in the back of my tiller for too long but now I've had it done its a lot better.
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