Adjusting TPS; way to "zero-in" idle?
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Thread: Adjusting TPS; way to "zero-in" idle?

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    Adjusting TPS; way to "zero-in" idle?

    Planning to adjust my TPS; watched the video, looks easy enough, but I need to baseline my idle beforehand. I played with the adjustment knob when I had starting issues; combined with the fast idle lever I'm at ~1200rpm. But only if I leave the lever on for the duration of my ride; otherwise the bike runs lean and dies, so it's just "bandaided" at the moment.

    My question is, since I don't know where the adjustment knob is realtive to its OEM position, is there a way to "zero-in" with it so I know my TPS adjustments are accurate? I can think to warm up the bike, turn down the lever, and slowly spin the knob until I'm at 1200rpm, but such seems like a crude trial-by-error.

    Any other suggestions? ECM's showing c00 and my plugs/fluids are all new.


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    c00 is all good

    adjust the tps and idle together. one affects the other.

    its a game of cat and mouse

    cheers stu

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    So is there a way perferable to what I described for setting 1200rpm? Or is it really as simple as turning off the fast idle and just spinning the adjustment knob either way until it's where I need it?

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    Ride it like you stole it.

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    1200revs is too low imho, I prefer to run at just under 1500revs at idle........

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